Testimonials From Our Customers

Five9 delivers high-impact call center solutions to global organizations of all sizes. Since revolutionizing the industry by pioneering the first hosted, VoIP-based, virtual call center in 2001, we’ve grown to the number one provider—and we have hundreds of customer implementations across five continents to prove it. 

Companies in many industries benefit from Five9's combination of comprehensive call center functionality, rapid deployment, ease of use, flexible on-demand capacity, and low cost:


Darin Kriener
Systems Administrator

"After taking the Five9 Certification, I am more confident about the strategies that I am employing for our clients and for operations. The Customer Support portal and Five9 Support have always been very helpful, but taking the certification has helped me become a very well-rounded system administrator. I have been able to reduce the number of calls and emails to the [Five9] support line, saving time and increasing my productivity… benefiting both my call center and our clients. I have since had my direct reports take the certification and have seen an increase in their productivity as well. "


Parker Welch
IT Help Desk
BSI Financial Services
Financial Services

"I found the Five9 training to be extremely informative. I just recently started performing admininistrative functions on Five9 and had never use the software before. I found the lessons very easy to follow along with and easy to understand, and I have already begun putting some of the advanced practices taught in the lessons to use. I currently have the Blended Call Center Certification but I want to go back and get the other two. I look forward to future training and certifications from Five9. "


Sebastian Vazquez
Systems Administrator
Go Payment Processing
Financial Services

"In my preparation for the Five9 certification exams, I learned many things that have helped out our call center with its performance and production. So far I have made a few changes that I otherwise would have never even known existed, like adding reason codes to the campaigns and changes to some of the settings to increase performance. I recommend that other administrators get Five9 Certified. "


Keith Arnold
Financial Services

"Five9 Certification has helped me run campaigns more productively, and exploit all the capabilities of the Five9 system. We were able to use the worksheet function to help streamline our processes.  As a result, my call center has become a more valued resource within our company. "


Rickey Perry
Reditos International, Inc.

"I am Rickey Perry with Reditos International, Inc. and I had a problem tonight with loading my list for a campaign to start running at 9AM CST. DJ went above and beyond the call of duty by staying with me and walking me through each and every step to ensure I understood how I could fix the problem. He also showed me how to eliminate the problem at the source. Please reward this Outstanding Young Man with the recognition deserving of Exceptional Customer Service. Thanks DJ!!"


Jake Smith
Financial Services

"The Five9 Certified Administrator exam was a genuine test of my skills and abilities as a call center administrator. After certification, I understood better how to take full advantage of the Five9 on-demand call center software, and I’m now able to run more productive campaigns. Another benefit of getting certified is that I am now able to talk more intelligently to the support team - I’m able to brainstorm ideas with the support team to come up with better solutions. It provides a good understanding of how call center software works in general. I suggested internally that any employee that was going to be doing anything with the campaigns should go through the material and at least get outbound certified. "


Chantale Doré
Database Analyst

"As an outbound B2B sales lead generation call center, Five9 has made our agent productivity go through the roof. The Five9 Certification has helped me run more productive campaigns, and better exploit the capabilities of the Five9 system. As a result, customers are happier and I can do my job a lot faster. "


Rabih Safadi
Contact Centre and Client Services Manager
ListenUP! Canada

"Five9 certification validated my expertise and is now the standard by which my administrator staff are measured with regards to knowledge of the Five9 system. The certification encouraged my staff to increase their knowledge base and consequently improved their ability to execute basic and complex tasks within Five9. This has allowed me to focus on other areas of the contact centre such as quality and metrics analysis."


Rob Crossno
Manager, Business Development
American Ramp Company (ARC)

"The Five9 solution stood out as a full-service solution that worked with our in-place CRM. Everything was seamless and they delivered on all promises."

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Ronald Bell
First Services LLC

"Our agents using the Five9 system are smiling. The voice quality is suburb, we have a very flexible system, and the 24/7 support is phenomenal. We’re looking forward to implementing the supervisor station for our clients all over the world."


Pedro Guijarro
IT Manager
USCB, Inc.
Financial Services

"We measure our productivity each day to gain bottom-line benefits for our clients."

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Lev Rejanovinshi
Director, Customer Support

"Five9’s execution was flawless."

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Bharat Hansraj
CEO & President
Omega Direct Response

"Our clients have high expectations and growing demands. We look to Five9 for scalability, flexibility, and technology excellence."

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Tearle Bagwell
Visual Benefit Communication

"We are extremely pleased with Five9 and the way it operates and the support we receive."


Mark Foxwell
Senior Manager, Operational Controls

"The simplicity of Five9's drag and drop templates has facilitated the creation of on-the-fly outbound auto dial campaigns within an hour. The ability to respond this nimbly to an immediate business need would simply not be possible in an environment where programs would need to be written or scripted, or additional telecommunications services procured. Combined with the low cost of the solution and excellent vendor response, our continuing relationship with Five9 has been a "no-brainer" business decision."


Elven Riley
Executive in Residence
Seton Hall University

"Five9 was absolutely way ahead of everybody else. Five9 was hands-down the only vendor on the planet to meet all our criteria."


Jules Hilliard
Leads99, Inc.
Financial Services

"As an Inbound/Outbound call center the performance, flexibility, and reliability of our phone system is of the utmost importance. After struggling with an in-house phone system for years, I went to market to find the best web-based platform in the market. From the sales representative to implementation to technical support, I am 100% satisfied with my decision to move our company’s primary source of revenue generating activities over to Five9. "


Dr. MJ Willard
Executive Director
National Telecommuting Institute (NTI)

"Five9 produces a hosted application that allows any call center out there to go virtual in a matter of a week or so....I'm amazed at how far they've come in terms of making it cost effective."


Percival Atherly
Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation

"The very best technical support at that level that I have ever experienced as an A+, Net+, CCNA, professional myself....in my opinion Five9 support has reset the standards of Technical Customer Service Support."

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Dorian Oddi

"I am very impressed with customer service and the knowledge they have. They also display a high level of professionalism."


Lisa Phillips
Morex Marketing Group

"I was very impressed with Five9 Support's professionalism and eagerness to find out what the problem was with my computer. The whole time we were on the line they made me feel like they wouldn't stop working until this was resolved -- and they didn't!"


Nan Kilkeary
Financial Services

"Absolutely superior. . .kind and patient. . .technically astute and able. If everyone provided this kind of service, 'Tech Support' wouldn't get a bad name. I was overwhelmed with gratitude, and have never ever had such good support."


Ben Davidowitz
Open Access Marketing LLC

"To give you an idea we already generated a number of leads this morning that would normally take two days. With this momentum I will be very excited to run our lead report at the end of the week for distribution to our CEO next Tuesday. I also must commend your Customer Support group. I have had experiences in the past working with outsourced solutions in the Philippines, but the group you have working for you is excellent. They are articulate, knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and most importantly, very caring and eager to help. I am sure we are like most customers where support is needed during the ramp up time and then drops off. Without them we would not be as far along using Five9. So whatever capital is spent with this group on customer service is money well invested."


Bruce S. Stone
Applied Perceptions LLC

"I want to thank you for the tremendous level of competency and service you've provided. Additionally, your positive attitude and willingness to help makes you a real asset to Five 9 and definitely convinces me this is a company I want to make further purchases from and expand my business relationship with."


Chris Mercado
Emerald Mortgage
Financial Services

"With the money I've saved by cutting my long distance bill in half, I have hired more representatives and been able to take on more customers. Since deploying Five9, business has quadrupled: before, I was buying 5,000 leads per week, and now I am able to buy and get through 20,000."

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Pedro Guijarro
MIS Manager
Financial Services

"We’re using Five9 for our 25 seat inbound call center and have found it to be extremely efficient and easy to use. We receive about 400 inbound calls per day, and the fact that Five9 can quickly route calls and allow us to quickly resolve customer issues has made us much more productive and able to provide a better experience to our customers."


AltSource Communications

"Five9's focus on a flexible and platform independent product, makes it ideal for us to remain a low cost provider in the international BPO market while maintaining the highest industry quality standards."


Ed Saldajeno
ALVA Pacific

"This is by far the best revenue stream we have found that leverages our existing infrastructure and investment, and the flexibility and reliability of Five9 has made it possible."

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Wilson Chua
Bitstop Network Services

"Since originally deploying the Five9 Virtual Call Center Suite™ with three agents in early 2005, Bitstop has saved over $100,000 in capital costs and successfully competed in several bids for work with North American contact centers. Now that the new division's capabilities have been proven, Bitstop plans to utilize Five9's on-demand capabilities to grow the division to 300 agents in the next nine months..."

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Jeff Neiswanger
Channel Blend

"Five9 allows us to focus on our business as opposed to having to worry about technology. We are able to refocus these resources into areas that directly help us grow and increase profits which is an invaluable benefit..."

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Creative Logix

"Our clients have staff that is spread out and the ability for them to work within one phone system has increased productivity and customer relations..."


Jean-Marc D'Aoust
Debt Procurement Corporation
Financial Services

"The Virtual Call Center has helped DPC obtain the functionality of a predictive dialer without paying the upfront $500,000 for a piece of hardware, and has made our collections agents three times more effective than when they were manually dialing..."

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Rick Zeien
Financial Services

"The Five9 Virtual Call Center™ for Salesforce.com not only offers outbound capabilities and all of the things you buy a call center for, but it leverages our investments in Salesforce.com by tying our remote offices together. Since we're 100% virtual this is essential. A lot of virtual companies have a tough time achieving a big company feel in the marketplace, but our virtualness is transparent to our customers -- and you cannot place a value on this..."


Parvinder S. Pardal
Etelint Consulting

"The Virtual Call Center has helped Etelint Consulting achieve cost-avoidance of close to $1 million dollars. Additionally, Five9 enabled us to start six months faster than if we'd created a traditional call center since we didn't have to wait for traditional call centers and scheduling..."

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Greg Kular
Financial Services

"FirstFunds has almost doubled the number of outbound calls our agents can make, decreased the amount of time it takes to process and finalize paperwork for new customers from 35 days to 5 days, tripled the number of right-party contracts, and increased talk time by 400%..."

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Mayu Baba
Kingsdale Shareholder Services
Financial Services

"In just one year, this new capability has enabled Kingsdale Shareholder Services to double the number of clients we can handle at any given time, and also take on larger clients with larger shareholder bases..."

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