Five9 Cloud Computing Platform for Call Centers


CRM Integration

In the past, integration of premise-based call center technology like Avaya or Nortel and premise-based CRM software like Siebel or PeopleSoft was a challenging task that required a systems integrator and many months of effort to provide basic integration capabilities.

Today, an increasing number of companies are moving from premise-based technologies to cloud computing platforms, which are known for providing out-of-the-box solutions that don’t require up-front capital investment or lengthy integration and implementation cycles.

Five9 provides on-demand call center software that is pre-integrated with leading on-demand CRM solutions specifically to provide a robust and predictable migration path for companies to take advantage of the benefits that cloud computing can provide.

CRM Integration Benefits

Integrated on-demand call center software and CRM allows employees in virtually any department to increase their productivity when using the combined solution:

  • Customer Service and Support representatives can see relevant information about callers as soon as the call arrives, and automatically log notes about each call they handle.
  • Sales and Marketing teams can leverage the power of integrated campaign management, calling list maintenance, and predictive dialing to generate more qualified leads and effectively maintain contact with existing leads.
  • Finance and Collections departments can improve communications with customers.

CRM Integration Features

Screen Pop
Once a call is delivered to an agent, the Five9 system can open an appropriate contact, case, opportunity, lead, etc. Since agents have the information at their fingertips, they can handle calls more efficiently and effectively.

Click to Dial
Each phone number in Leads360, NetSuite, RightNow and Salesforce becomes a clickable link that will instruct the Five9 dialer to connect the user to the number. Employees can be more productive as they no longer need to type in phone numbers.

Call Activity History
All calls and call notes are automatically saved for the appropriate record in the CRM application. Employees no longer need to waste valuable time manually recording each call they make, increasing their available time for customer service or revenue-generating activities.


Five9 Cloud APIs

The Five9 Cloud APIs are an integral part of the Five9 Cloud Computing Platform for Call Centers, enabling advanced software integrations between Five9 on-demand call center software and other enterprise software applications.

The Five9 Cloud APIs consist of a CTI Web Services API that is designed for computer-telephony-integration on the desktop and a Configuration Web Services API that is designed to integrate the common call center administration functions such as adding agents, configuring skills, adding new leads to lists, managing campaigns, and more. The Five9 CRM Integrations below were built using the Five9 Cloud APIs, on top of the Five9 Cloud Computing Platform for Call Centers. Developers and System Integrators may sign up online for the join the Five9 Developer Program to gain access to a customer-grade development “sandbox” environment for the platform that supports full inbound and outbound call center capabilities, API documentation including code samples, and a dedicated developer support team.


Five9 Integration with Salesforce

The Five9 Adapter for Salesforce provides robust call center features within the Salesforce application. Salesforce CRM is the leading on-demand CRM solution, used by sales service and support teams around the globe. This integration is based on the Salesforce CTI Toolkit and works with Salesforce Unlimited, Enterprise and Professional editions. It provides Five9 call center capabilities built directly into the Salesforce user interface, including screen pop, click-to-dial, call notes, voicemail, call scripting, and more. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported.

Five9 Integration with NetSuite

The Five9 Adapter for NetSuite provides an integration between Five9 and NetSuite. NetSuite is unique among on-demand software solutions in that it provides a single unified system to manage an entire business. And, with Five9, NetSuite users can add an integrated on-demand solution to manage their customer communications across the entire company. The Five9 Adapter for NetSuite is an Internet Explorer add-in that enhances the NetSuite application with call center capabilities like screen pop and click-to-dial. Additionally, NetSuite Campaigns can be imported into Five9 Lists for dialing. Finally, the Five9 IVR can also look up information in the NetSuite system to make routing decisions or communicate important information in self-service applications, such as order status or shipment details.

Five9 Integration with RightNow

The Five9 Adapter for RightNow provides an integration between Five9 and RightNow CRM. RightNow is an industry-leading on-demand CRM solution that provides advanced knowledge base and customer experience management tools across media channels such as email, chat, and voice. This integration is based on the November 2008 release and provides a Five9 telephony toolbar inside the RightNow CRM application, supporting screen pop, click-to-dial, and call notes.

Five9 Integration with Leads360

The Five9 Adapter for Leads360 provides an integration between Five9 and the Leads360 lead management solution. Leads360 is an industry-leading solution that enables sales organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of their leads. Coupled with Five9 for predictive dialing, sales teams can increase their productivity by reaching new leads faster and driving more opportunities from archived leads. The Five9 Adapter for Leads360 is an Internet Explorer add-in that enhances the Leads360 application with call center capabilities like screen pop and click-to-dial, and the integration also includes advanced lead workflow management using call results generated by Five9.