Use real-time agent adherence to ensure agents work according to their schedules

With Five9 Workforce Management software, staffing planners and call center supervisors can use convenient web-based tools to manage daily operations and keep your call center agile and ready for anything each day might bring. Our solution provides a user-friendly view of each agent's current adherence status, so that supervisors can quickly identify agents that are not adhering to their schedule, and react accordingly. Any intra-day scheduling changes can be communicated more rapidly to agents, and when agents call in sick, schedules can be quickly adjusted while observing the impact to staffing levels.


Graphical views of agent performance

Agents can also be evaluated based on their historical schedule adherence results. Five9 Workforce Management provides graphical views and reports that make it easy to identify agents that need additional coaching. Each day's schedule can be viewed alongside the actual working states of the agent throughout the day, so that significant deviations from schedule can be quickly identified. Historical reports provide summarized adherence results across a selected time range, so that it is possible to evaluate agents over longer periods of time to obtain a more accurate assessment of their performance.

Hosted workforce scheduling solution saves you money

Since Five9 provides a hosted workforce management solution, you don't need to worry about IT administration and maintenance costs, upgrades, and other costs associated with traditional, premise-based solutions. And, our workforce management solution is integrated with the Virtual Call Center Suite, automatically providing real-time agent adherence and historical forecasting data. You can import users with a single click, and each user can log into the workforce management application from the same application portal used to access the other user interfaces provided by Five9.

With such advanced real-time adherence capabilities provided in a convenient, user-friendly web application, Five9 Workforce Management offers the schedule adherence and intraday staffing tools you need to keep your call center agile and keep staffing costs down by increasing your agents' productivity.

Learn More About Schedule Adherence

Five9 provides many valuable resources on this website to help you learn more about workforce management adherance with Five9. We encourage you to browse our website and download additional information to help you learn more about our technology and products.

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