Call Center Statistics

Use real-time reporting from Five9

Every call center relies on statistics to measure performance; however, in many cases, metrics are unreliable and outdated. Frequently, information used to make daily operational decisions is pieced together from historical reports from multiple systems.


Integrated real-time information

By leveraging the integrated and consistent real-time information available from the Five9 Virtual Call Center Suite, supervisors can monitor call center statistics and performance against customer service goals, personalize their views and alerts, and view real-time information in an Excel dashboard. The Five9 Supervisor application provides a comprehensive selection of real-time call center statistics for inbound and outbound call centers that each user can choose to include in their interface. Statistics are available for Agents, ACD Queues, Campaigns, Lists, and more. When advanced charting and data transformation capabilities are desired, users can create tailored Excel dashboards that refresh in real time.

Armed with the most current information about your call center, you will operate more effectively by optimizing performance according to the metrics that are important to you.

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Five9 provides many valuable resources on this website to help you learn more about Real-Time Reporting with Five9. We encourage you to browse our website and download additional information to help you learn more about our technology and products.

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