Campaign Management

Manage all your outbound campaigns

Five9's campaign and list management capabilities provide a robust set of parameters that allow you to ensure your campaigns run smoothly. Administrators can import and export lists, filter, sort and prioritize the lists for dialing, dial list records based on ratios, and adjust extensive configuration and calling profile options, even while campaigns are running. Each campaign can utilize its own set of "dispositions" or call results, which are used throughout the Five9 system to track campaign results. Agents can automatically participate in multiple campaigns, based on the skills with which they've logged in.


Optimize campaign performance

By leveraging Five9's easy-to-use list and campaign management features, you will be able to optimize the performance of your campaigns, resulting in increased agent productivity and sales revenues.

Learn More About Campaign and List Management

Five9 provides many valuable resources on this website to help you learn more about campaign and list management with Five9. We encourage you to browse our website and download additional information to help you learn more about our technology and products.

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