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Predictive dialing boosts agent productivity by up to 300%

Five9 provides the market-leading hosted predictive dialer to automate your outbound calling campaigns and boost productivity up to 300%. In any industry, when you regularly make outbound calls to your customers and are looking for ways to improve your productivity, the Five9 dialer can help. Because the software is a hosted predictive dialer in the cloud, it's easy to set up and use. And, because it is available on-demand, you pay only for the capacity you need, easily adding capacity as your business grows.

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What is a predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that enables call center agents to dramatically increase their number of live connections. Unlike traditional autodialers, which merely dial telephone numbers for agents, predictive dialers connect agents only to calls that are actually answered by people, freeing agents from the need to listen to unanswered calls, busy signals, disconnected lines, or answers from fax machines, answering machines and other automatic services.

Predictive dialers use mathematical formulas to predict both the average time it will take for calls to be answered and agent availability, adjusting the dialing rate accordingly. A predictive dialer learns from average call length when to anticipate that an agent will soon become available and speeds up and slows down the dialing rate accordingly. The dialer monitors how calls are answered and discards unanswered or otherwise unsuccessful calls. A good predictive dialer can also analyze unsuccessful calls to determine if the number needs to be called back later or requires special handling, such as a manual call by an agent.

Predictive dialers become more accurate at predicting average call length and agent availability as more agents use the system. The reason is simply that averages based on large samples are more accurate than averages based on small ones. When more agents use the predictive dialer system, more calls are made and there are more data points from which to derive the average call length.

Studies have shown that predictive dialing can increase call center agent talk time from 15 minutes per hour to 48 minutes per hour, or by up to 300%.

Automate your outbound dialing

Predictive dialers do it all for you automatically: they run through your calling lists across multiple campaigns, detect answering machines and busy signals, enable you to avoid your "do-not-call" numbers, and automatically adjust the dialing pace according to recent statistics that help predict future agent availability.

Manage your outbound campaigns

With easy-to-use settings for answering machine detection and dropped calls, campaign-specific "safe harbor" messages, list priority and ratios, contact filtering, sorting and more, you can fine-tune the predictive dialing software so that your business goals are achieved while you stay compliant with telemarketing regulations.

Learn More About the Five9 Predictive Dialer

Five9 provides many valuable resources on this website to help you learn more about the benefits of using our on-demand predictive dialer. We encourage you to browse our website and download additional information to help you learn more about our technology and products.

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