Schedule agents using fixed or flexible schedule templates

In most call centers, staffing costs are the biggest operational expense, often representing 70% or more of the total budget. Usually, it is also preferable to provide agents more predictable, regular schedules, leading to reduced agent attrition and improved agent morale. And, any scheduling shortfalls lead to lower customer satisfaction. As a result, workforce planners are challenged to balance these competing business objectives while also adapting to an ever-changing call center environment.


Dynamic workforce scheduling options for Five9 customers

With Five9 Workforce Management software, staffing planners can use an advanced set of capabilities for workforce scheduling that help keep all of your company's business objectives aligned and satisfied to the fullest possible extent. You can create fixed or flexible agent schedules that conform to working rules while still optimizing your staffing costs based on forecasted headcount requirements. Schedules can also be easily adjusted for meetings, trainings, and vacation time. And, the application is entirely web-based, so schedules can be easily distributed to your agents, they can manage their own vacation and shift swap requests, and any intra-day scheduling changes can be communicated more rapidly.

Hosted workforce management solution saves you money

Since Five9 provides a hosted workforce management solution, you don't need to worry about IT administration and maintenance costs, upgrades, and other costs associated with traditional, premise-based solutions. And, our workforce management solution is integrated with the Virtual Call Center Suite, automatically providing real-time agent adherence and historical forecasting data. You can import users with a single click, and each user can log into the workforce management application from the same application portal used to access the other user interfaces provided by Five9.

With such advanced capabilities provided in a convenient, user-friendly web application, Five9 Workforce Management offers the agent scheduling and workforce planning tools you need to balance all of your business objectives, lowering your staffing costs while improving customer loyalty.

Learn More About Workforce Scheduling

Five9 provides many valuable resources on this website to help you learn more about workforce management scheduling with Five9. We encourage you to browse our website and download additional information to help you learn more about our technology and products.

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