Release 8
Five9 Virtual Call Center
The Next Generation
of Call Center Software In the Cloud

Release 8 Highlights

Speech Recognition

Five9 now offers an IVR with Speech Recognition product that delivers all the tools you need to meet your callers' expectations for service and support. You can provide robust IVR self-service applications that enable them to provide touch-tone (DTMF) or speech input, depending on their preference or the circumstances of the call. Using advanced speech recognition technology, the Five9 IVR will analyze spoken input and provide an appropriate response, including easy-to-configure confirmations and error prompts for cases when the speech recognition engine cannot effectively hear the caller's input. Your IVR can provide self-service options for bill payment, store and branch locations, debt collections and accounts payable, appointment reminders, order status, reservations, and more - saving your agents' time for more complex, high-value phone calls.

Geographic Redundancy

With hundreds of customers placing their trust in Five9 for a reliable, scalable platform to run their call center operation, Five9 is committed to avoiding unplanned disruptions in service. The Five9 platform is architected for a high degree of fault tolerance, leveraging redundant phone carriers, internet connections, hardware components, and software servers. For customers that are seeking the highest degree of architecture redundancy, Five9 now offers an option for Geographic Redundancy that will automatically back up the system and provides failover services within minutes of a disruption.

Queue Callbacks

Many inbound call centers suffer from exceptionally long queue times and high abandonment rates during peak periods, resulting in lower customer satisfaction.

Additionally, long queue times lead to increased telephony costs. Queue Callbacks offer callers an opportunity to automatically receive a callback when their position arrives in the queue, without needing to stay on hold. Callers can also enter an alternate number so they are not tied to waiting on a work or landline phone for their callback.

Over 100 Standard Reports

The Five9 Virtual Call Center now provides over 100 standard reports with call center metrics on ACD Queues, Agents, Calls, Campaigns, IVR Scripts, Lists, Contacts, Do-Not-Call, and Worksheets. Reports can be viewed within the web-based application or exported into a spreadsheet application for more detailed analysis and archival, and reporting data is also available via the Reporting Web Services API. Five9 users can leverage standard reports to view detailed information about every call, summarized information about campaign performance and call outcomes, and key metrics of agent performance. With advanced customization options including a selection of report templates (Tabular, Summary, Matrix), data columns, grouping, filtering, sorting, and time periods, you will always have up-to-date access to the relevant information you need to make call center operations decisions. And, with report scheduling, FTP and sharing options, you'll be able to automatically distribute key information to decision makers and stakeholders throughout your organization and beyond.

User Profiles

Administrators can now rapidly configure and maintain large numbers of users that share common skills and access permissions. Administrators can configure User Profiles with the desired Roles, Permissions, and Skills, and then assign them to one or more users. Additionally, each User Profile can be used to control access to Contact Fields, enabling contact record layouts that are specific to a given skill group or type of user.

Enhanced Quality Monitoring

The Five9 Reporting application now provides access to call recordings, enabling robust features to identify specific calls or recordings that should be reviewed by the call center's quality assurance team. Each recording for a call is presented in a new "Recordings" column, as a hyperlink that includes information about the recording's duration. Recordings that are accessed via the Reporting application are downloaded and played by the user's configured media player for .wav files.

Enhanced Cloud APIs

With Release 8, Five9 is launching a new Statistics Web Services API that provides access to real-time information from the Five9 system, similar to the statistics provided in the Supervisor application. Using this real-time data, Five9 customers, partners, and developers can create sophisticated real-time dashboards and wallboard displays, enhance custom agent desktops with real-time statistic feeds, create sophisticated call routing applications, and more.