Customer Service Call Center

Increase Revenues While Exceeding Customer Service Expectations

Customer Service Solution Overview

Whether your customer service call center is a handful of agents or hundreds of agents, the Five9 Virtual Call Center provides the features you need to insure that incoming calls are not only managed efficiently and effectively, but that they will lead to increased revenue opportunities. When we provide your customer service call center solution, you will benefit from:

  • Access to sophisticated calling features, including easy-to-use contact history
  • Highly productive and coordinated agents around the world: at home, onshore or offshore
  • Ability to flexibly scale up or scale down based on demand
  • Reduced infrastructure and maintenance expenses

Five9's solutions allow you to focus on providing a world-class customer service experience without the hassle and cost of a physical call center infrastructure.


Customer Service Solution Benefits

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Without question, customer satisfaction directly affects customer retention and, ultimately, profits. The Five9 Inbound Call Center routes customers to the right agents, supplying them with the information they need as soon as the call arrives. Customers won't be frustrated by repeating information, and they'll appreciate that contact history is available to every agent that services them. And, when you're using a leading cloud-based CRM product, Five9 Virtual Call Center solutions can provide an integrated, unified customer view.

Increased Revenues

For many company executives, customer service call centers remain synonymous with "cost centers". Five9's Virtual Call Center Suite helps you transform your "cost center" into a "profit center". By ensuring that each call is efficiently routed to an appropriate agent, you can maximize up- and cross-sales opportunities. In other words, once customers are satisfied with their call center experience, you earn their increased loyalty and the opportunity to talk with them about additional products and services.

True Call Center CRM Virtualization

Today, Voice-over-IP is a real alternative to premise-based telephony solutions. As the leading hosted call center software, The Five9 Virtual Call Center leverages VoIP and web-based applications to provide you the ultimate flexibility when deploying and operating your customer support call center. Whether your agents are in your center or at home, they will all access a clear and reliable communication channel. Additionally, your supervisors and managers will be able to monitor daily operations in real time and communicate with agents and each other with our built-in chat and message broadcasting features.

On-Demand Scalability

Whether you're ramping up for a product launch or responding to company growth, Five9's Virtual Call Center solutions allow you to increase capacity without worrying about the capacity constraints and licensing hassles associated with premise-based solutions. Five9 enables you to quickly add personnel to your customer support call center as needed, in a single day. Since you only use what you need, you're never stuck with excess capacity that is only needed for peak times of year, and you no longer risk outgrowing your mission-critical call center systems.


About Customer Service Call Centers

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