Disaster Recovery for Call Centers

Call center business continuity for your mission-critical services

Call Center Disaster Recovery Solution Overview

When your call center is mission-critical for your business, a prolonged service outage due to natural disaster or technology failure can be a crippling blow to your company's long-term success. It's important to do disaster recovery planning for your call center, and, of course, disaster recovery plans must be affordable and practical. In a similar vein, unexpected high call volume can stretch your call center resources. If your call center is unable to serve the overflow, you may miss out on critical business opportunities.

With Five9, you can leverage the leading cloud-based call center software to ensure business continuity during the most challenging times:

  • Access to sophisticated inbound and outbound call center features
  • Ability to turn on and increase licenses on-demand
  • Affordable disaster recovery and high-volume overflow agent seats

When you need it most, Five9's solutions allow you to focus on a rapid disaster recovery, offering peace of mind in knowing that your call center can handle the toughest challenges and continue to provide world-class customer service.


Call Center Disaster Recovery Solution Benefits

Advanced Call Center Features On-Demand

The Five9 Virtual Call Center provides essential features for blended inbound and outbound call centers, including IVR, ACD and skill-based routing, and integration with leading on-demand CRM software. You can ensure that when your call center service is down, Five9 can bring you back up quickly and continue routing customers to the right agents, supplying them with the information they need as soon as each call arrives.

True Virtualization

As the leading cloud-based call center software vendor, Five9 leverages VoIP and advanced web-based technology to provide you the ultimate flexibility when deploying your disaster recovery or overflow call center. Whether your agents are in your call center or at home, they all access a clear and reliable communication channel. Additionally, your supervisors and managers will be able to monitor daily operations in real time and communicate with agents and each other with our built-in chat and message broadcasting features.

On-Demand Service & Scalability

Because it's cloud-based, Five9's Virtual Call Center Suite enables you to quickly turn on or increase capacity without the physical and operational constraints associated with premise-based solutions. When you need a backup or disaster recovery call center to insure against a major service disruption, Five9 can be ready to start taking calls the same day. If your business requires additional capacity to cope with overflow or an otherwise unexpected peak in traffic, Five9 can help. The Five9 Inbound Virtual Call Center runs in our telecommunications-grade datacenter, and is attended by support staff around the clock. In addition to redundant network connections and power supplies, our fully-dedicated support team helps ensure that your Five9 call center solution is there when you need it most.

Affordable Disaster Recovery Planning

Maintaining a disaster recovery or overflow call center can be an expensive proposition. With redundant hardware and physical locations, your capital costs can soar, often more than doubling the expense of running a single call center operation. By leveraging Five9 cloud-based call center solutions, you can save on these costs without compromising on your call center's availability at critical times.


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