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Improved first call resolution for high-tech companies

Solution Overview

Call center studies have shown that when a customer encounters a problem with a technology company's products or services and it is resolved, the customer will be more loyal to the company than those customers that didn't report any problems. With the fast pace of innovation and commoditization, for many companies the customer's support experience can often be the deciding factor in choosing one competitor over another. And, with the slim margins for many high-tech product lines, profits are driven by sales volumes and market share, so every additional satisfied customer leads to an improved bottom line. The Five9 Virtual Call Center Suite is designed to give the high-tech industry the nececssary tools for:

  • Increased First Call Resolution Rates
  • Shorter average handle time
  • Improved customer satisfaction

By leveraging Five9, you ensure that when your customers call for support, each caller is guided to the appropriate agent. And, each agent has all the contact history and customer information needed to resolve the customer's case as quickly as possible, improving first call resolution performance and ultimately increasing your profits and market share.


Solution Benefits

Increased First Call Resolution

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than repeated calls to a company's call center to resolve an issue. Call centers in the high-tech industry understand this, and as a result, first call resolution has become one of the fundamental KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for measuring the effectiveness of the call center. With the Five9 solution, first call resolution is a key statistic that is tracked in real time and historical reports, so that supervisors and managers can understand which agents have the best resolution rates, which calls were not resolved, and more.

In addition to providing insights into first call resolution performance, the Five9 solution allows call centers to actually improve first call resolution by turning insights into action. With the ability use skill-based routing to route each caller to the most appropriate agent along with the information provided by the customer via IVR prompts, the chances of first call resolution increase dramatically.

Improved Agent Productivity

Your agents have a difficult job: they receive calls from customers who already are having an issue, they must usually navigate between multiple applications on their workstation during the call, and after the call they must frequently write extensive notes or otherwise follow up with the customer. The Five9 Virtual Call Center helps make life a little easier for agents, by streamlining their call handling process as much as possible. When calls arrive, available contextual information about the customer is presented, along with a history of previous calls. The agents can make use of convenient keyboard shortcuts to save precious time with each call. Within the Five9 application, agents can write notes as needed while they are talking with the customer, schedule a callback, conference in an expert, and more. When the call is completed, the agent can focus on the next call, while all of the information gathered during the call is automatically saved in the Five9 system and immediately available to other agents, supervisors and managers.

Improved Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

When callers contact a company for technical support, the chances of a frustrating experience are high. Consumer surveys have shown that two of the main causes of customer frustration are:

  • Repeating information that they have already provided
  • Being transferred between agents

By using Five9's Virtual Call Center Suite, you can improve your chances for success and reduce customer frustration by eliminating these two pain points. With Five9, many callers can be automatically identified based on their phone number, so that their entire contact information and history can be made available to agents. When customers aren't automatically identified, agents can easily search for their record based on information provided by the caller. Also, when customers provide information via IVR prompts, that information is also provided to agents so they will not need to ask the caller to repeat any information they already provided

Additionally, with Five9 you can leverage skill-based routing to help ensure that callers are guided to the most appropriate agent, reducing the need for transfers. And, if for some reason a transfer is necessary, the agent receiving the call will have access to the call details, contact history and notes. As a result, not only will your call center will benefit from lower handle times, your customers will be much happier with their experience.


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