Five9's flexible cloud-based call center solution meets the unique needs of call center outsourcing providers

Outsourced Call Center Solution Overview

In today's hyper-competitive market, call center outsourcing providers need more than technology, they need an advanced technology partner that enables them to accommodate different customer campaigns and budgets.

As the world leader in cloud-based technology for outsourced call centers, Five9 allows you to service nearly any kind of outsourced contact center contract – inbound, outbound, or blended – handling multiple campaigns, reporting, live monitoring, and everything in between.

With the Five9 Virtual Call Center, your company can realize call center outsourcing benefits such as:

  • Decreased startup and deployment times
  • Improved call monitoring and reporting
  • Increased agent productivity

With the robust reporting, recording, and monitoring capabilities provided by the Five9 solution, call center outsourcing vendors can quickly add new clients, handle multiple contracts and multiple campaigns, and ensure reliable, timely, billing to receive prompt payment for every one of them.

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Call Center Outsourcing Solution Benefits

Add Customers Faster

By taking advantage of Five9's cloud-based solutions for outsourced call center vendors, you benefit from our experience with adding clients to an existing software platform. As a call center outsourcer, your core competency is running an effective and efficient call center, not developing and maintaining IT infrastructure. Once your Five9 call center is in operation, we can rapidly add seats, phone numbers and phone lines for you as you expand your business and add clients, giving you an advantage over the competition and allowing you to compete more successfully for contracts.

Improved Oversight Across Clients

When companies hire a call center outsourcing service, they are literally trusting the outsourcing vendor with their business, by putting their customers and future revenues in the hands of the outsourced agents and their managerial staff. Without adequate monitoring and reporting tools, outsourcers can struggle to inspire their clients' confidence, which ultimately spells doom for any call center outsourcer.

With the Five9 solution, outsourcers can review detailed call log and campaign performance for each of their clients, and report back to them on key metrics such as the number of leads or the first call resolution rate. Additionally, agent time is logged, so that outsourcers can easily determine the appropriate fees to charge their clients. Finally, you can automatically generate an email notification when your clients require immediate notification of specific call outcomes.

Improved Agent Productivity

With the razor-thin margins in the outsourced call center industry, any improvements in agent productivity translate into a more competitive service, more clients, and increased profits. The Five9 solution helps call center outsourcing providers stay competitive by making their agents more productive. With every call, the agents immediately receive available customer information and contact history, so that they don't need to spend time searching for it in other applications.

Additionally, as the agent interacts with the customer, they can leverage scripts and worksheets to ensure that your clients' customer service and sales expectations are met, and that all call-related notes taken by the agent are captured with the call details. Since agents working in outsourced contact centers have to rapidly learn about the products and services of new clients, the Five9 system includes robust supervisor monitoring and recording tools so that agents quickly become self-sufficient and effective.


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