Call Center Telemarketing Solutions

Lower Cost Per Lead While Growing Revenues and Improving Employee Retention

Call Center Telemarketing Overview

For telemarketers, the Five9 Outbound Call Center is a comprehensive package of call center telemarketing campaign management and predictive dialing tools that drive productivity and profitability while ensuring compliance to regulations.

With the administrative tools in our telemarketing software, you gain full control over every campaign and improved results including:

  • Shortened average call times
  • Improved lead quality
  • Reduced "ramp-up" times for new agents
  • Increased agent productivity
  • Regulatory compliance

With up to three times more connections, our outbound telemarketing solution with predictive dialing lowers the cost per lead, increases business activity, and improves agent efficiency.


Telemarketing Call Center Solution Benefits

Lower Cost per Lead for Telemarketing Applications

With outbound telemarketing, you can't necessarily measure success by the amount of calls you make, or by the amount of leads you generate. The Five9 Outbound Call Center solution uses our world-class Predictive Dialer to not only increase the number of leads, but also deliver true business success by lowering the cost per lead.

With manual dialing, two thirds of calls result in busy signals, answering machines, fax machines, or no answer. Our predictive dialer connects calls only with live recipients, which means 2-3 times more calls, 2-3 times more connections, and 2-3 times more leads - all in less time!

Lower Maintenance Costs

An outbound telemarketing system or hardware-based predictive dialer typically requires a huge upfront capital investment. With Five9 hosted telemarketing software, you don't have the hassle and expenses of predictive dialer hardware, software licenses, telephony cards, database servers or phone lines.

Since we supply everything except the agents, you eliminate what you'd normally spend on maintenance, upgrades, and technical staff. And instead of running complicated computer and telephony systems, you can run your business. It's easy to see why Five9 telemarketing software saves you thousands of dollars each month.

Scalability On-Demand and Increased Agent Retention

Scale your outbound telemarketing team as you grow with our cloud-based solution. In just one day you can add new agents, and in just two hours they can master the system. Plus, with our Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology, agents can work from their homes, so they spend less time commuting and more time generating leads. Your agents will be happier and they'll remain with your company longer, improving sales and lowering training costs. It's a winning formula for success in the telemarketing business.


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